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Six Proven Health And Fitness Benefits Of Whey Protein

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Whey protein has undeniably made its mark in the health industry over the recent years, and although fitness and health professionals are continuously taking advantage of the benefits the protein offers, you may still find yourself asking: what exactly is whey protein?

Essentially, milk is made up of two different proteins: casein and whey. As whey is considered to be a complete protein, containing nine of our essential amino acids while also being low in lactose, it can be removed from the casein protein so we can bask in the bountiful range health benefits it provides. Ranging from effective weight loss to potential anti-carcinogenic properties, here are six proven benefits of whey protein.

Promotes Muscle Growth

When it comes to the fitness and training rewards of whey, gym-goers may be surprised to hear how the protein can significantly advance their results. Coupled with active resistance training, whey protein can increase the synthesis of protein in the body.

A study published in 2009 concluded that the consumption of whey protein in young, healthy men, following a resistance training session, stimulated skeletal protein synthesis to a greater extent than casein or soy.

This means people incorporating whey protein into their training scheme can potentially see greater muscle growth over time compared to those using alternative proteins or if they were solely undergoing the resistance training with no supplementation.

Weight Loss Effects

Not only can whey protein be a useful tool in the process of resistance training, but it has also shown potential to significantly assist with weight loss. For example, following the intake of a whey- protein supplement, a randomised study concluded that a 500 calorie diet coupled with whey protein resulted in a significant difference in regards to body fat loss compared to individuals only on the low calorie diet.

On top of this, subjects on the supplement also showed a greater preservation of lean muscle. This means, for those trying to get a leg-up in the weight loss game, whey protein may prove to be a useful tool.

Reduce Hunger

Protein has a reputation for being an important element when it comes to weight loss, although whey protein may have an advance effected. Whey protein can increase the concentrations of satiety-related hormones in the body, leading to feelings of fullness. Needless to say, this effect comes in handy when trying to lose weight.

Lower Cholesterol

Known to be a weight loss, muscle growth, and even a cholesterol-lowering tool, whey protein proves to be an asset to have on your fight towards a healthy lifestyle. A study investigating the effects of whey protein on various bodily components established that those consuming whey protein over 12 weeks had a decrease in cholesterol compared to those consuming casein. This signifies that whey protein has the ability to lower the amount of LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) within our body, which would otherwise lead to artery wall hardening and a variety other health complications that we would much rather avoid.

Anti-Cancer Properties

An anti-carcinogenic? No…Whey! (sorry). Whey protein is a train that just won’t stop. This benefit has been the subject of research for many years with the protein showing some promise with regards to its anti-carcinogenic properties. An investigation involving rats, the incidence of colon cancer, and the consumption of whey protein produced some interesting results that may offer an insight into the prevention of cancer. In summary, the study concluded the rats that were fed a casein diet had a higher chance of developing colon tumours compared to rats on a whey based diet. More research needs to be done and is continuously being undergone to further examine this relationship, but needless to say, these are fascinating results.

Heart Health

Aside from cholesterol-lowering effects, whey protein can benefit the heart in more ways than one. In overweight or obese individuals, whey protein has shown the ability to reduce blood pressure and support general cardiovascular health. As blood pressure is typically a precursor for a variety of chronic diseases later in later, this blood pressure effect that whey protein can offer, while simultaneously increasing weight loss and lowering cholesterol, is an effect that can help transform and shape a healthy lifestyle.

The list of benefits that whey protein can offer its users is rather extensive, and yet, scientists are still uncovering many different therapies that incorporate the benefits of whey. It seems we are only scratching the surface of this milk-based protein, so there’s simply no telling what the next 10 or 20 years of scientific research could deliver.

The Role Hydration And Sodium Play In Athletic Performance

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When it comes to exercise, adequate hydration is considered of utmost importance. However, as hydration varies across individuals due to a variety of personal and environmental factors, athletes aren’t able to adequately rehydrate, leaving their performance to suffer.

It’s important to measure these internal and external influences, understand how they specifically impact performance and establish a plan to get your sporting performance where it deserves to be. Here is a quick guide of how hydration affects the body, the crucial role sodium plays in this process, and how you can individualise and maximise your hydration plan.

How Hydration Influences Performances

Blood volume maintenance, muscle contraction, and body temperature regulation are a crucial element of exercise that hydration directly influences. For example, as the body’s primary temperature regulation method during exercise is sweating, you need to be replacing these fluids that are being lost, otherwise the risk of heat stress can increase and performance can decrease as a result of dehydration and impaired muscle function. Simply drinking fluid is one of the most effective options when it comes to fluid replacement, overall significantly reducing the risk of these situations arising.

How You Can Maximise Hydration To Improve Performance

With the countless range of sport drinks available, all designed for maximising hydration for exercise, it can quickly become a puzzling decision when it comes to selecting a product to suit your individual needs.

Hydration requirements will vary due to the sweat rates of various individuals. As sweating can be influenced by a number of factors such as temperature, body size, personal fitness and exercise intensity, there is no sole solution for hydration that will suit the needs of everyone. By taking these factors into account, you can be aware of your own hydration throughout the various stages of exercise. Sweat rate can be determined by fitness professional through measuring sweat while training in a variety of different environmental conditions. From here, a plan can be made.

With all these different sport drinks available, how will you know which product is going to suit your needs best? Before choosing a drink, take into account the duration and intensity of your workout and whether there will be a need to replace both electrolytes and carbohydrates. Plain water can be very effective in hydrating for low-intensity workouts, whereas sports drinks containing both carbohydrates and sodium can have a beneficial impact on performance during high intensity or endurance based workouts. The addition of sodium is important, as this element doesn’t only assist with water absorption throughout your gut, but it can also help your body to retain this fluid by decreasing urination.

When Should You Be Hydrating?

When it comes to timing your hydration, you should begin the workout already hydrated. To organise your hydration plan throughout an exercise routine, you should take into account your individual sweat rate and the conditions you’re exercising in beforehand. For example, if you’re working out in conditions that are rather hot and humid, your sweat rate is likely to increase, therefore you will have to adjust your hydration plan to accommodate. Finally, rehydrate after exercising to maximise the number of electrolytes you lost.

There’s no need to go over the top with your hydration plan. Going into a work-out overhydrated won’t benefit your performance, and it may deliver some negative effects. Over-hydrating while exercising can result in a condition called hyponatremia. It commonly arises when an individual is exercising in colder weather, when intensity is lower, and athletes are drinking more fluid than what is necessary. This ultimately dilutes the sodium levels in the bloodstream and can lead to mild symptoms such as headaches and disorientation. In severe cases, hyponatremia can cause coma and death. This isn’t always as common as dehydration, although it’s important to keep in mind when hydrating.

Optimising Your Hydration Plan

Tailoring your hydration plan to suit your individual needs is a process that takes time. You gradually need to understand your body’s unique needs by listening to various signals. First off, you should aim for a pale yellow coloured urine before exercising, as this signifies a good level of hydration. Avoid consuming too much fluid before commencing exercise otherwise performance may become impaired through gastrointestinal discomfort. As you continue to exercise, fluids will be lost via sweat and urine so you should aim to replace at least 125% of these fluids over four to six hours post-exercise.

12-Week Total Transformation Program

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The purpose of the Total Transformation Program is to provide you with all the tools and knowledge required to get you stage ready, photo shoot ready, wedding ready, beach ready, or whatever ready you desire. We get down to the bare naked truth – any total transformation requires the fusion of training mean, eating clean, and supplementing green. With years of training, dieting, and supplementation experience, the professionals at Studio Fitness, Clean Nutrition, and Biorna Quantics will ensure you reach your goals. The Total Transformation Program will push you to your limits – we didn’t say it would be easy but you just have to show up!


The transformation is a 12-week program. As you progress through the 12-week program, the workouts, your supplementation, and your diet will be adjusted accordingly. The program outline below consists of three sections: Training, Supplementation, and Diet. The elite trainers at Studio Fitness will create your customized workout regime that will progress as your body and physical ability progresses. Furthermore, with the insight of Clean Nutrition and Biorna Quantics, proper supplementation will be reviewed in detail. Lastly, a recommended diet will be outlined thoroughly to ensure you consume the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats throughout your transformation.



Transforming your body is not easy; it takes hard work and perseverance. As a member of the Total Transformation Program you are required to attend a minimum of four training sessions per week.

From day 1, your body will be put to the test by gathering baseline data. This baseline data along with consultation information will be used by your Studio Fitness trainer to create a customized program – because everybody is different!

It is important to note that the specific exercises, number of sets, and number of repetitions will vary depending on your training and athletic experience as well as your current physique. Your personal trainer will review this information in detail during your consultation.


Proper supplementation allows you to reap the full benefit of each meal and workout. Furthermore, a supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities, such as protein, creatine, and amino acids.

Clean Nutrition will provide you with premium New Zealand sourced protein throughout the 12-week transformation. The elite trainers at Studio Fitness use Clean Nutrition as their protein-of-choice. Clean Nutrition uses 100% natural ingredients with absolutely nothing artificial so you can focus on your performance, strength and recovery.

Studio Fitness, Clean Nutrition, and Biorna Quantics have tested a variety of additional supplements to find the most effective solutions to your specific needs. Of course, supplementation varies from client-to-client and your personal trainer will work with you to discover and outline the supplements suitable for you, your body, and your goals.

To further optimize your use of supplements throughout your transformation, the experts at Biorna Quantics provide two tests, the Simply Fit DNA and FoodSafe test. The tests will provide us with accurate results based on your DNA, including what foods you may be sensitive to, what foods you should be consuming at what times, and what macronutrient proportions your body requires to thrive.

With this information, the Transformation Team will be able to better tailor your supplementation as well as your diet (see below) to fully reap the benefits of the Transformation Program. This holistic approach of testing will be the first of its kind in Hong Kong. You will be able to base the rest of your future training on these results, allowing you to take a personal approach to wellbeing and overall health.



All your hard work in the gym goes to waste if you do not eat properly. For most, their diet is the make-it-or-break factor in regards to reaching their health and fitness goals. If your decision is to reach your goal without any potential drawbacks, then leave the dieting to us.

Biorna Quantics will provide you with the necessary nutrition throughout your transformation. Similar to your workouts and supplementation, the diet will vary for each person. Your personal trainer and nutrition coach will conduct a consultation with you in order to pin point any current dietary concerns and to outline the recommended diet for your transformation. The team will provide this information to Biorna Quantics who will provide you with Total Transformation Program customized meals delivered right to Studio Fitness to pick up after your workout.

For more information: info@studiofitness.com.hk / +852 9450 5600 / http://studiofitness.com.hk

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