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Clean Protein

What is the difference between traditional whey and Clean Protein?

Clean Protein is sourced from grass fed cows in New Zealand. New Zealand protein is widely regarded as the best available in the market, and superior to other major dairy producing regions. The livestock processes are of much higher standards and involve the cattle being exclusively grass fed and exempt from hormone use. Grass fed cows are exposed to a wide range of vitamins, nutrients and are free to roam on the farm resulting in healthier cows. Bottom line, this leads to a higher quality raw material with exceptional mixability and taste in the finished product.

How is Clean Protein Flavoured?

We only use 100% natural ingredients to flavour our protein. Our expert flavouring team have worked meticulously to create a delicious flavour profile, consistency and using only natural flavouring that contain no artificial flavours or additives.

We only use natural sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit. Stevia is derived naturally from a plant that originated in South America and is 300 times sweeter than sugar. We therefore only need very small quantities of this naturally produced sweetener to flavour large quantities of protein. Monk fruit (or Luo Han Guo) is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Similar to stevia, the extract contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero fat which makes it a healthier alternative and does not impact blood sugar levels.


What are the benefits of consuming protein?

Consuming protein stimulates an increase in muscle protein synthesis and prevents muscle break down. For example, consuming a protein shake immediately post work out enables protein synthesis to occur immediately to help your muscles repair and rejuvenate so that you can perform at your best every time. Muscle tendons benefit in the same way, with protein synthesis accelerating the repair of tissue for less risk of injury. Consuming protein also increases the development of strength from weight and resistance training.

Higher protein diets are renowned for their fat reducing benefits due to protein containing fewer calories than healthy fats, which means fewer total calories. Research consistently shows that a higher protein intake increases bone density. Protein is a vital brain food and has been found to allow people to sleep better and wake up less frequently at night compare to high carbohydrate diets. 


How long will it take to receive my order?

Once your payment has been processed, we make it our priority to dispatch your order by the following business day. 

Expected delivery time:

HONG KONG:  1-3 business days after ordering and paying

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: 3-10 business days after ordering and paying

You will receive an email once your order is dispatched, allowing you to track delivery online (please allow 24-48 hours for tracking information to be available).

What should I do it my order is taking longer than expected?

If your order hasn’t arrived by the estimated delivery date on your order confirmation email:

• Check we have the correct delivery address for your order and your contact details are up to date by logging into your account.

• Check to see if you have an attempted delivery card from one of our carriers. Your parcel may be awaiting collection at a local collection point

• Look in any safe areas the courier may have left your parcel

If you still can’t find your parcel, please contact us we can investigate further.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We offer international shipping. Please contact us if you have an specific questions on the destination country.