2020 Bar

The 2020 Bar was born out of the VISION to bring together the PERFECT blend of premium ingredients and macros into the convenience of an awesome tasting 'ready to go' bar.

The 2020 Bar is made in New Zealand with the highest quality natural ingredients, including:

- 17G of Pure Grass Fed Protein

5G of grass fed Collagen

3G of BCAA's

Nothing artificial and naturally sweetened with NZ manuka honey, the 2020 Bar is the PERFECT ‘guilt free’ snack or to fuel your pre and post exercise nutrition.

Lightly coated in chocolate, these protein bars are perfectly textured with a hint of crunch and full of flavour! 

made in new zealand

natural ingredients

nothing artificial



2020 Bar comes in three delicious flavours— chocolate fudge, salted caramel and white choclate. You’ll experience tasty bars while on the go to satisfy your body each and every day.

Clean and green

2020 Bar is made in New Zealand with pure grass fed protein. We use all natural and whole food ingredients so you can enjoy a guilt free snack without any artificial ingredients.

Improves Skin Health

2020 Bar contains 5g of collagen, which not only helps keep your skin healthy and glowing, but also supports healthy bones, brain function and gut health.