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The Clean Nutrition Company was created with a simple purpose – to provide our customers with the highest quality supplements on the planet. Our philosophy is centred around the strong belief that quality foods and nutrition are the foundation for achieving your health and fitness goals. We only use 100% natural ingredients with absolutely nothing artificial so you can focus on your performance, strength and recovery.

Clean Protein is made in New Zealand
from grass fed cows using 100% natural ingredients

Clean Protein is sourced and made in New Zealand which is synonymous with their extremely high standards of product quality and environmental sustainability. Clean Protein is from the trusted source of healthy cows that feed on green grass pastures and are exposed to a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which results in the cleanest whey protein.

Improve Performance, Build Strength,
Recover Faster with Clean Protein

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Clean Protein



Many people struggle to consume an adequate amount of protein through whole foods, which is why protein supplements are an efficient form of meeting your overall protein needs. Whey protein is the most common and widely used supplement, however not all whey proteins are created equal. Factors such as the country of origin, additives and preservatives used all contribute to the overall quality of the end product which is why 'reading the label’ is crucial before deciding which brand to buy. Clean Protein is made and sourced in New Zealand from grass fed cows, using all natural ingredients with absolutely no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

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Consuming protein stimulates an increase in muscle protein synthesis and prevents muscle break down. For example, consuming a protein shake immediately post workout enables protein synthesis to occur immediately to help your muscles repair and rejuvenate so that you can perform at your best every time. Higher protein diets are well renowned for their fat reducing benefits due to protein containing fewer calories than healthy fats, which means fewer total calories. Research consistently shows that a higher protein intake increases bone density. Protein is a vital brain food and has been found to allow people to sleep better and wake up less frequently at night compared to high carbohydrate diets.


Highest quality production

Our whey is manufactured in the highest quality environment under an approved risk management program approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries.

Ideal fast & slow release

Combining WPI and WPC provides an ideal fast and slow release profile to aid in digestion of protein and essential amino acids.

High protein content

Using Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) as the primary source, Clean Protein has one of the highest protein content available in the market. This makes it ideal for supporting lean muscle growth and recovery.

Made & sourced in New Zealand

New Zealand is synonymous for producing the highest quality pasture fed dairy on the planet. It adopts industry leading practices and strict government regulations to ensure that quality is uncompromised.

Low in carb/sugar

The carbohydrate and lactose that are found in normal whey are removed in an isolate protein, resulting in an extremely pure source of protein that is very low in lactose.

Rich amino acid profile

Clean Protein is high in naturally occurring Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) providing the body with vital nutrition for recovery.


  • Our products are proudly certified as made in New Zealand and our dairy ingredients are exclusively from the trusted source of grass-fed New Zealand whey.
  • Certified by the world renowned ‘Informed Sport’ and ‘Informed Choice’ quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products. For more information visit www.informed-sport.com and search “clean protein” for certification details.
  • Clean Protein is air freighted directly from New Zealand resulting in the freshest protein and longer shelf life of 2 years from production.
  • True to label and 100% natural.

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